Virtual tour: Macromedia Freiburg presents student works

Normally, the Freiburg art and design students of Macromedia University open their studios at the end of each academic year. As part of a tour of the campus, they present their semester and final theses. Due to Corona, the analog event was smaller this semester. The digital stage, which Campus Director Michael Wirbel and the Faculty of Arts created for their students instead, is all the bigger and more sustainable. Have fun with (repeated) visits.

The Corona Pandemic not only inspired the form of this year’s Macromedia tour – the Corona Pandemic is also the central theme in the student works presented there. What does the lockdown do to people? What associations do distance and hygiene rules release in photographic artists? What design language do designers choose when dealing with the global pandemic?

Prof. Karin Jobst, who implemented the idea and design of the virtual tour together with Prof. Dirk Wachowiak, explains: "Many of the works show how intensively our students experienced the corona crisis. I see how they have transferred the stimuli of the global state of emergency into strong, convincing works. I am really proud of this and am pleased to be able to provide an appropriate stage for our creative ones with the virtual tour".

The virtual tour of the Freiburg Macromedia Campus presents student work from the fields of fine arts, design, game design, illustration, photography & moving image, communication design and media management.

Supervising professors were Elitsa Alexander, Nikolaus Bischoff, Ben Hübsch, Karin Jobst, Andrea Mihaljevic, Dirk Wachowiak, Ephraim Wegner and Uwe Wolsiffer.

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