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Reinhard Sander


Having started out at Macromedia University as an extra-faculty lecturer for the Master students, Dr. Sander became full faculty member in 2014 and then headed the university’s Graduate School early in the same year, eventually, also serving as the Vice Dean as of June 2014.


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Background of Reinhard Sander

After his diploma in business administration, he practiced independent consulting for seven years advising small and medium sized enterprises on methods of accounting. At the same time, he also completed his Master’s degree in psychology and sociology. He completed his doctoral research on Social Order and Patterns of Marital Alliances conducting extended field research in Ladakh (in the Western Himalayas), and archive studies in various Indian cities in the late seventies.

While he was working as the Academic Councilor at the Technical University Munich, Dr. Sander taught various sociological subjects, and started to scientifically observe the dynamics of political and socio-economic changes in China. With numerous research journeys, a tight network was established, eventually leading to teaching assignments and a cooperation contract with China’s then major technology and management magazine, Yin Jin. This was the beginning of Dr. Sander’s career in media management.

Consequently, Dr. Sander joined an innovative Swiss publisher where he worked for four years driving the company’s marketing activities in Northern Europe, the Americas, and Asia. From 1994 to 1999, Dr. Sander headed the ITC unit at a top German professional information publisher.

With his expertise in international publishing and marketing, and his comprehensive experience in business process optimization, Dr. Sander joined Germany’s largest educational publisher where he was in charge for information division and later also served as the member of the advisory board. Towards the end of his assignment, Dr. Sander headed corporate development, comprising of mergers and acquisitions as well as supervising newly established businesses and coaching young executives, until retirement in 2010.