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Faculties at Macromedia University

The academic life of Macromedia University is organised within two faculties: Faculty of Business, Design, Technology
Faculty of Culture, Media, Psychology. The deans of these faculties ensure continuous exchange with important industry partners and drive the development of relevant study programmes in conjunction with the university president.

They pay special attention to a solid framework of cross-campus, interdisciplinary cooperation, to which a major practical project is dedicated in every degree programme. After all, this is also a reality of digital networking, that new models of consumption, communication and value creation are emerging beyond traditional subject boundaries.

Portrait Evelyn Kaestner

Dean Faculty of Culture, Media, Psychology

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Kästner

„We live in a mediatised world. Media have the potential to make our world more democratic, peaceful, just, climate-friendly, liveable and diverse – but the opposite can also apply. Anyone working in media must be aware of this dimension. That is why the ethical aspect of decisions taken in the media and creative industries is firmly established as a competence objective at Macromedia University.“

Portrait Florian Meißner

Dean Faculty of Business, Design, Technology

Prof. Dr. Anna-Luisa Stöber

„The function of management needs to be shaped for the future if we are to ensure successful entrepreneurship and sustainable growth. At Macromedia, we research and teach specifically with a view to the challenges of ongoing digitalisation, increasingly urgent environmental demands, and changes in demographics and values.“