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Astrid Friese


Prof. Dr. Astrid Friese teaches Media Management, Media and Communication Management (B.A. + M.A.) at the Berlin campus. Her main focus on teaching is business-related topics. As the degree programme coordinator, Prof. Friese is also responsible for the university’s English-language Bachelor program.


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Background of Astrid Friese

Among other things, Prof. Friese built her track record in the media industry working as editor-in-chief and project manager at leading publishing houses of specialist nonfiction. Since 2006 she has been editor and project manager at the Westermann Verlag publishing house. In 2009, she joined the Cornelsen Verlag publishing house as editorial director, where she was responsible for educational business books. At Cornelsen, she took over the editorial and business management of the profit center and was involved in a number of extensive change processes as well as the founding of a Swiss subsidiary.

Prior to joining the media industry, she graduated in business education in Germany and Sweden, got her doctorate in supplier relationship management with a focus on the interface between the organisation, marketing and integrated management. She was also a research associate and lecturer at the University of Göttingen, HAWK Hildesheim / Holzminden / Göttingen).

When she is not lecturing, Prof. Friese advises specialist German-language publishers on various editorial and business-related issues.

Drawing on her professional experience, she is particularly interested in conveying to young media creatives that creativity and entrepreneurial thinking work best together.