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Scenario analysis is a tool for forecasting alternative futures and is hence of increasing importance for decision-making in nowadays’ hyper dynamic environments. Originally drafted as a military methodology used be US Air Force Pilots in World War II, it has been adapted in both the public and private sector to deal with uncertainty and formulate dynamic strategies for the key questions and challenges of today and tomorrow.

However, communicating these complexities to the target audience is often a challenge. It is therefore helpful to continuously generate new impulses and ideas on how to communicate driving forces (i.e. factors impacting the future) and alternative future scenarios.

This was the challenge set for Macromedia University’s Bachelor and Master students headed by Prof. Dr. Astrid Friese and Prof. Thomas Stegmann from Berlin Campus.

The groups´ goal was to develop a driving forces (BA) and scenario (MA) communication concept that facilitates communication of the selected use case in an interactive way to the diverse members of the Deloitte Cyber Risk Team, varying in backgrounds, positions and the numbers of years of experience.

Both student groups focused on one of the company’s more recent cyber risk projects: The Future of Cyber Risk in Europe 2035.

The risks in the realm of Cyber are diverse and growing, yet still not at the top of the agenda of most C-suites, public managers, policy makers and individuals. In an ever more connected world, Cyber risks impact businesses, politics and society to different but significant degrees.

The concepts developed by both student groups were engaging and full of impulses for the Deloitte Future Foresight Team.

Statement Industry Partner

“I believe the industry project gave interesting impulses to both sides – the students and the Future Foresight Team. In Future Foresight, changing your point of view is crucial, and discussing the different angles of the individual BA and MA groups on driver and scenario communication was very interesting for our team.”

Annina Lux
Manager Strategic and Cyber Risk
Deloitte GmbH

Practice partner

Deloitte GmbH