Pioneering Growth: Students tackle Product, Market, and Operational Growth

Pioneering Growth: Students tackle Product, Market, and Operational Growth with PIXIDA

During the winter semester 2023/2024, students at Macromedia university had the unique opportunity to engage in a groundbreaking project in partnership with PIXIDA, a leader in developing innovative digital solutions across various sectors. The project’s objective was to craft forward-thinking growth strategies focusing on product development, market development, and operational enhancements.
Throughout the semester, the collaboration was marked by an enriching exchange of ideas and experiential learning. PIXIDA played a pivotal role, offering expert insights through a series of workshops and surveys, thus equipping our students with the knowledge and confidence to present their groundbreaking findings and ideas.

“We are incredibly grateful to PIXIDA for their steadfast support and invaluable contribution to our students’ learning experience,” expressed Prof. Dr. Mo Badr, study dean of the Munich campus and one of the project’s leading professors. “This collaboration not only provided our students with a real-world perspective but also underscored the importance of digital innovation in shaping our future environments, including smart city infrastructures and mobility solutions.”

A special note of appreciation goes to Iota Dimou, Johann Neubauer, Maria Fernanda Monteiro, Maria Lohwasser and their team at PIXIDA for their hands-on support, organizing workshops and on-site meetings at their Munich offices, thereby enhancing our students’ understanding of the industry’s dynamic landscape.

“It was a wonderful cooperation, one that we are eager to extend into the upcoming semester. PIXIDA offers diverse perspectives and development opportunities” added Prof. Dr. Anna-Luisa Stöber, Dean of the Business, Design and Technology faculty.

The project also illuminated PIXIDA’s commitment to diversity, with students exploring innovative development topics that align with the company’s vision for an inclusive and sustainable future.
As we conclude this semester and celebrate the achievements of this partnership, we look forward to the continued collaboration with PIXIDA in the upcoming summer term, promising more innovative ventures and learning opportunities for our students.

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Prof. Dr. Anna-Luisa Stöber
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Pixida is an international group of innovative technology companies offering comprehensive interconnected digital solutions and professional services.

The group creates digital value by transforming entire product portfolios utilizing cutting-edge technology, innovative business models, efficient system integration and operation.

The international business scope consists of twelve locations in Germany, USA, Brazil, China and Portugal, a multinational team from more than 30 nationalities and a well-established network of specialists and partners.