Conception of branding and marketing campaign

The products of the Bavarian company Saljol are used at sensitive points in the aging process: when physical strength declines, mobility decreases and independence is at risk.

However, the medium-sized company does not want to address the weakness of its potential customers. Saljol is an acronym and stands for “Spaß am Leben” and “Joy of Life”.

The high-quality, stylish fittings of the rollators, stand-up chairs, shower stools and mattresses also convey this attitude and have almost lost their hospital look.

Which brand world suits the Saljol products? How can the manufacturer’s positive attitude to the ageing phase be conveyed – without ignoring the insecurity of those affected? On which channels is the target group on the move – and how does it reach them at the right moment?

These were the questions that students at the Macromedia University had the opportunity to grapple with for a whole semester. Among the tasks of the students working in teams were

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Brand positioning and claim
  • Target group analysis and definition of personas
  • Development of campaign mechanics for brand awareness and performance
  • Creation of art work and marketing pla

More than 40 students from media management and management participated in the practical project. There were no fears of contact, neither on the part of the students nor on the part of the client, who appreciated the students’ outside perspective:

Statement of practice partner

“The project with Macromedia University was a very positive experience for us. It was particularly exciting for us to see the different young approaches to marketing. We are taking away some new, innovative ideas here that will certainly help us in the further development of our brand world and the expansion of our sales.”

Thomas Appel
Managing Director of Saljol

On the part of the university, the various groups were supported and supervised by experienced consultants and initiators under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Badr, Faculty Director and Professor of Media and Communication Management, as well as Anke Johannssen, Simone Kohler and Carsten Bickhoff.

Product images: Saljol

Study programme
Anke Johannssen
Simone Kohler
Carsten Bickhoff
Practice partner

Our brand is our promise! Founded in 2016 to bring a smile here and there to the faces of people who need a little support for a happy, self-determined life.

We develop products in Maisach near Munich that not only solve problems, but also do their job in an attractive and unobtrusive way. We then have the products produced by professionals who live and breathe quality and don’t need to be told what it is. We are happy to do this in the immediate vicinity, but if necessary, we will also take a plane to the workbenches of this world to purchase the right expertise for our customers.