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Partnerships at Macromedia University

Partnerships can be described in many respects as the essence of our university activities.
This obviously applies to industry and research partnerships, without which applied sciences would not be possible. Partnerships with international partner universities also count in a narrower sense toward study goals.
However, many of the skills associated with the semester abroad, such as intercultural awareness, communication or problem solving, also refer to a dimension beyond mere professional development:

We want to enable our students to think and act long term, ethically and responsibly, corresponding to our own institutional self-image as a corporate social citizen. Partnerships with schools, non-profit organisations, and social entrepreneurs, among others, form the centre of this civil dimension that we implement at our university.

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Internship Partners

The bachelor’s degree programmes include a compulsory internship in the fifth or sixth semester. The semester makes up a part of our DNA as a university of applied science and regularly turns out to be a kick-starter to our students’ careers: It is not uncommon for companies to hire our students for a permanent position after graduation.
The internship occurs at a time when students have built up important future skills and acquired professional basics. They can integrate themselves smoothly into the work processes of their internship companies and generate added value. Most students consider this share in team success as highly motivating. For their part, the internship companies appreciate the flexible employment options for students and the opportunity to get to know potential entry-level staff in real work settings.
As a result, the internship semester is a win-win situation for both sides. Accordingly, we attach great importance to maintaining this network. Through our Career Service, Career Days and Career Centre, we make it easier for our industry and internship partners to get in touch with students, alumni, and instructors.

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Research Partners

Applied research is an important pillar of Macromedia University and an integral part of Macromedia’s teaching, with a strong focus on the opportunities that digital transformation offers to economy and society. Long-term research partnerships exist with some partners.

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