Communication Concept Risk Management

In addition to operational management tasks, risk management is increasingly becoming an integral part of the day-to-day business of corporate management. In this context, companies can seek advice from Deloitte, Risk Advisory. The Deloitte team helps companies to manage financial, technological and business-related risks and to secure the company’s sustainable success.

  • But what advice do companies need exactly?
  • Which aspects of risk management do corporate executives see as particularly pressing?
  • And where are there differences between industries?

The aim of Deloitte’s practical project with the Macromedia University was to obtain up-to-date assessments in this area. The core of the practical project, led by Prof. Dr. Florian Haumer and Oliver Hellriegel, therefore consisted of a representative, sample-based survey (survey population: 10,207 companies; of which defined as a sample: 4,000 companies; and of which selected at random for the survey: 203 companies).

Key takeaways from this survey conducted in May/June 2020 were:

  • Risk management is viewed by a majority as constitutive of business success.
  • Strategic risks and cyber risks are rated as particularly relevant by companies – albeit with significant sector-specific differences:
  • Companies in the automotive sector rate cyber risks as very relevant, with over 75 percent agreeing, while in the healthcare sector only 32 percent of companies agree with this statement.
  • In the healthcare sector, on the other hand, respondents see operational risks from business. processes as very relevant (approx. 55 percent agreement), while respondents from the automotive sector only agree with this threat at approx. 31 percent.
  • Risk management is implemented at top management level in the majority of cases.
  • However, top managers do not consider themselves to be experts in the field of risk management.

The practice partner Deloitte is satisfied with the results of the representative sample and the professional work of the students. Further projects are already being planned.

Quotation Industry Partner

“The project at Macromedia was a very interesting experience. Despite the difficult framework conditions due to Covid-19 – with only remote/online sessions – we achieved great project results. Many thanks to all participating students and especially Prof. Haumer. I am looking forward to the next project.”

Alexander Attensberger
Manager | Risk Advisory
Deloitte GmbH