Jacqueline Fabienne Buxel

Jacqueline Fabienne Buxel

"Everything is energy. Everything you can imagine is possible. So why not create the greatest vision of yourself and your world? Be the creator of your life. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Unfold your full power on a conscious, mental and physical dimension."

Where do you work today and what is your position?

Brand Manager at ABOUT YOU, Co-Founder of SOULRAYS, certified coach for Personal Development, Mindset & Growth, Zumba Instructor

What are your tasks there?

As an AY Brand Manager, my area of expertise is very diverse:

1) I am responsible for the strategic development, conception & execution of campaigns with our exclusive brands like SINNED by Dennis Schröder, SHYX by Kayla Shyx, Cheerio by Joko Winderscheidt to mention a few. In addition, it also includes our partner brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok – as I am a sports enthusiast.

2) Besides campaigns, I am involved in the ABOUT YOU Fashion week that we host every year. My part is creating brand shows like Leni Klum, GMK by Guido Maria Kretschmar, ALL by Lena Meyer-Landruth, 6 PM, Adidas, Tom Tailor and many more. This involves being responsible for the approach, message, overall mood, lighting, music, dancer or models, choreographer, styling, hair & make up, and videographer.

3) When it comes to internal productions, I am the creative mind of developing formats like a Follow Me Around, a Financial Year Report video or an App Demo video

4) I like to talk about our brand & advertising department at universities…but apart from all of that my colleague recently renamed my position as ‘Senior Happiness Manager’ because I love to spread my energy and inspire my fellow human beings to be their own creators…

…and this is why I love to be a coach for Personal Development, Mindset & Growth. It is my purpose to empower people. I hold the space and support them to connect with themselves, and guide them to step into their greatest vision with the ©Greator method. Manifesting my purpose and my power, I created SOULRAYS together with Sophie Groterjahn who studied with me at the Macro. SOULRAYS is a platform that enables you to connect with your true self and thus live in coherence with your thoughts, emotions, intentions, actions & belief system in order to create the life you desire. We work with a holistic approach combining the conscious, mental & physical dimension through yoga, coaching, intuitive dancing, Reiki. It’s basically everything we did for ourselves in the last 2 years to heal loss, separation & ignorance of physical and mental boundaries which all led to disconnection from our essence. A big part of my life is dancing. I began with Musical Dance. At 14 I discovered my passion for Hip-Hop that developed into formations for competitions. But later, I realized I don’t like to do things out of pressure that are meant to let me express, enjoy and feel myself. That’s why I have always loved the Zumba & Latin dance styles during my time abroad–mostly in Spanish speaking countries. Now I want to give this spirit back by teaching dance as a way of expressing your feelings and by connecting to your body.

Why do you work in this position and what excites you about it?

For me it is essential to live with my whole being in every part of life. It took me 2 years of suffering and healing, observing myself until I realized my purpose and that I can live it everywhere, in every context, with every kind of person. At ABOUT YOU I have a great team lead, a supportive team and a lot of creative freedom which allows me to unfold that in my campaigns. For example, for a recent Nike campaign I asked myself how I can empower Gen Z females to strengthen their holistic health finding balance between mind and body. So as part of that campaign I used our Live Shopping format to create our first breathwork session at AY.

Most recently I also give workshops with SOULRAYS at AY with topics like “Unlimit yourself – Transform your limiting beliefs” or “Learn to respond not to react”. The next events from SOULRAYS will be at a festival where we create space for people to consciously connect with themselves and others in one session – with intuitive dance of course ;-). Another will be about Ego vs. Higher self.

As I mentioned, space holding is the path I was meant to go. It opens my heart when I get feedback from people I work with. I can release limiting beliefs and transform them into new conscious decisions. It is true pleasure when I hear “That was so interesting, I am still processing” or “I feel so much better with my insecurities.”

Our thoughts create our experience and thus we experience what we think. It is the quality of our thoughts that creates the quality of our life. So, now I know > I < give everything a deeper meaning and I don’t have to do anything for it – just radiating my essence.

At which company or organisation did you spend your internship semester and how do you evaluate your experience there?

Since I was interested in both journalism and Public Relation at that time, I divided the internship into two parts. I first worked at SAT.1 Regionalfernsehen in Hamburg. I really enjoyed it because I got to know a wide range of people, situations and events in sports, culture, politics & economics and the field of education. I was able to write my own articles and set them to music. I spent the second part of my internship at the Goethe Institute in Hamburg in the cultural office organizing events, classes & exams for our international students.

What do you have in mind when you think of "change and transformation" in general?

Life is about change. I observe our heady society trying to control everything with the mind. We often seek to fulfill our needs in the outside world, not realizing we only find all the answers within us. Trust your heart and not the mind because fear and discomfort comes from the mind and when we overthink we underfeel. So let’s get more into feeling! I love that quote from Kristin Amstrong: “I want to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. I want to get more confident being uncertain. I don’t want to shrink back just because something isn’t easy. I want to push back and make room in the area between I can’t and I can”. Let’s embrace the discomfort as something that only exists in the mind and make it our most enriching experience.

Do you have a goal where you would like to be in 10 years?

The only moment we have is the present. Let’s be aware and mindful, centered in the here and now.

Is there anything you would like to pass on to our first-year students?

Everything is energy. Everything you can imagine is possible. So why not create the greatest vision of yourself and your world? Be the creator of your life. Be the change you wish to see in this world. Unfold your full power on a conscious, mental and physical dimension.