Prof. Dr. Thomas Santoro

Prof. Dr. Tom Santoro is a professor in the Media and Communication Department. He also instructs in other Macromedia University departments: for example, intercultural business communication in the international management Master’s program. He has been instructing specialized English, communication, and business courses for Macromedia University since 2009.

Originally from New York City, Prof. Santoro has spent most of his professional life both in academia and in the business world. In the USA, he had a corporate training (intercultural foreign assignment integration) and consulting company for nearly twenty years in an area of heavy German and international investment (i.e., BMW in Spartanburg, S.C.). Parallel to that, Santoro taught BA and MA students at the McColl Business School in intercultural business communication. He also advised and coached local and international clients on start-up, entrepeneurial, and intercultural communication / language competency issues in the USA.

His other university instruction experience includes business, technical, and legal English instruction at a wide variety of universities and MNEs in the USA and in Europe. Tom Santoro is, as such, an expert in specialized English language applications.

His academic study and research is interdisciplinary. His dissertation research involved analyzing alternative types of intercultural conflict management and mediation based upon a complex outlier case between upper management of a German automotive manufacturer supplier and US middle and lower-level management. His several year stint as the office manager of a professional negligence law firm in the US, opened up his interest in alternative forms of conflict management. This led Prof. Santoro to be in one of the first groups to complete training to become a state-certified business mediator in compliance with the current EU mediation directives.

Enhancing his expertise for the benefit of Macromedia University students, he is a freelance business mediator, coach and consultant in an adjunct capacity gathering research data from intercultural / international business mediation and conflict management cases for research purposes. Prof. Santoro is currently working on a short introductory handbook on the topic of intercultural conflict management for students and managers.

This is how he would express his teaching attitude:

“Understanding the needs of each Macromedia student and how to make knowledge transfer interesting, competent, and entertaining is a challenge I welcome each new semester”.


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